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Shadow Cube Unit Bookcase by Crates & Pallet

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Product Description ::

  • Frame Material Details: Steel
  • Wood Species: Fir
  • Assembly Required: No

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Bookcases aren't just for holding, well, books! Though they make ideal homes for your paperbacks, they're also perfect for staging framed family photos, keeping baskets filled with accessories, and putting your potted plants on display. Take this one for example: crafted from manufactured wood, it boasts a solid neutral finish and strikes a rectangular silhouette. Plus, it includes six cubbies for keeping treasured trinkets and more. Measures 30'' H x 47.72'' W x 15.35'' D.

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  • Fabric Bins Included: Yes
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Cube Storage Tips::

Cube Storage and Bookcases

10 Ways to Organize Your Books

If you’re a bookworm with stacks of great reads , but maybe lacking in the organization or home decor department , we’re here to help. While a bookcase is a traditional way to keep your books in order , modern shelving is a fun and easy alternative. After all , who says your storage solutions can’t be an art in their own right?

Cube storage can be used in any room and keep everything from your books to kids toys organized. Used in a creative way , it can be transformed into an artistic piece of décor in your home. Select from a variety of formations based on your style. Opt for a tall , dramatic piece to make a statement or a short one cube storage unit to double as a side table. Along with your books , you can display other home decor elements like plants , pictures , and unique accents in your cube storage unit to mix it up. Keep your book collection organized and accessible with the method that works for you and your home.

cube storage
Whether your book collection ranges from small to large , it’s easy to keep it organized when you choose a method. Simply pick your organization style and pair it with the storage cubes or cube unit bookcase of your taste. You’ll have guests and family impressed in no time with the beautiful display!

Choosing Cube Shelves for Your Home

In addition to organizing a cube bookcase , you also want to make sure that you find a bookcase that works for your home as well. This means that it’s important to look at the many different features and factors that could affect your search. For instance , you can find a cube bookshelf in different colors , sizes , or styles all which come in a myriad of features or materials. Looking at these factors is important because they’ll affect the way you decorate and design what you store in your shelves. So make sure you have an idea what you’re looking for before getting a cube shelf unit for your home.

Cube shelves are one of the most basic yet functional organizational designs. This type of storage system is ideal for removing clutter from any room. The different sizes allow for customization to fit into any space. From one shelf to eight or more , the look is clean and crisp in any decor style. We put together the most frequently asked questions about using cube bookshelf in the home.

modern desks

What frame materials is a cube bookcase available in? Wood is a popular material to use for storage as it is sturdy and durable. Plastic is easily cleaned and wears well. Metal is another durable option available for this type of storage system and will normally bear the most weight per cube. Glass is another style this type of storage is available in and works as a cube bookshelf or display case. Each shelf for the glass style can hold up to 33lbs each.

modern desks

How can I incorporate cube shelves into my existing room? For a small room or a room with high ceilings , tall units will take up the least amount of floor space and will lend an element of height to the space. For larger areas and lower ceilings , horizontal cube shelf units will fill in space nicely without looking clunky in a room.

modern desks

How do I determine the style of a cube bookcase that will go best in my room? Consider the style of your room and elements that will fit in. Wood and glass style cubes will fit right into a traditional or rustic style room design. Contemporary or modern designed rooms look fantastic with plastic or metal cubes. Plastic is useful in outdoor areas , kitchens , and bathrooms as it wears well. The finish choices allow you to choose to make your storage cubes shelves an accent piece in a color that contrasts and pops the room alive with color. Alternately , choose a cube shelf unit in a similar tone or shade that will blend to make your design flow.

Storage cube shelves are a good way to introduce style and function into your rooms. It will work well in any room in the home including children's rooms , kitchens , bathrooms , or living rooms. Use our tips to get the best storage style for your space.